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IPad won't charge. Easy fix.

My iPad won't charge.

This has happened to many of us.

Below is a few suggestions that may be able to fix your iPad's charging issue.

  1. Try another charger (make sure it's a genuine offical Apple charger)
  2. Place your charger on charge (even if unable to charger) press and hold the power on and off button, whilst pressing the home button for 30-45 seconds.
  3. Check there is no dust or damage to the charger port.
  4. Check there is no watermarks on the screen to see if the item has obtained any water damage. This may be causing the battery to not hold charge.
  5. Plug into iTunes and try to restore the device.
  6. None of the above worked? Try giving us a call free and we will provide advice on how to fix the item or book it in for repair :)

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  • My iPad 4 is not charging, and have done everything u said here, still not charging


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